How To Get The Most Out Of Your Personal Property Insurance After A House Fire

Experiencing a house fire first hand can be devastating. If the flames did not damage your home and all of your possessions, then the smoke certainly did. Smoke can easily permeate items made out of fabric and plastic, potentially leaving them permanently discolored and with an odor that may never go away. Thankfully, personal property insurance is designed to help you recover all of the things you lost due to fire or smoke damage. Read More 

Can You Still Get Life Insurance After A Heart Attack?

Life insurance is important to have to keep your family safe and supported in case something ever happens to you. A lot of people are unsure if they can still get life insurance if they've had a heart attack. While it isn't impossible to get it after a heart attack it does become a little bit more difficult. This information will help you understand what you need to do. It's also important to understand that you'll need to shop around. Read More 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Homeowner’s Policy For Your Newly Purchased Home

When you purchase a new home, before you choose a paint color, landscape design or anything else – make sure you are purchasing a homeowner's insurance policy, but not just any policy. The policy you choose should be perfectly tailored for your own needs and the needs of the home. Without the right policy, you leave yourself vulnerable to expensive out of pocket costs. When choosing a new policy for your new home, there are a number of factors you want to consider to make sure you are choosing a policy wisely. Read More 

Why Did Your Lender Purchase Home Insurance For You?

When you obtain a mortgage to buy a house, there will be several requirements you must follow. One of the most important ones is keeping a sufficient level of homeowner's insurance on the property. If you fail to do this, you will most likely receive a notification from your lender telling you they have purchase a lender-placed insurance policy for you. What is lender-placed insurance? Lender-placed homeowner's insurance is a type of policy lenders purchase when borrowers fail to keep home insurance on their homes. Read More